Mobile phone tapping process

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Stay alert if you have suffered a recent burglary. If your home was recently robbed or broken into but nothing of value was taken, that alone should suggest to you that something is odd. Sometimes this can suggest that someone broke into your home for the sake of putting a wiretap on your phone. Listen for background noise.

If you hear a great deal of static or other background noise when you talk to people on the phone, there is a chance that the noise is coming from interference created by a tap.

What’s The Best Way To Tap My Husband’s Cell Phone

Static, scratching, and popping can be caused by a capacitive discharge resulting from two conductors being connected. High-pitched humming is an even greater indication. You can check for sounds that your ear cannot pick up by using a sound-bandwidth sensor on a low frequency. If the indicator pops up several times per minute, your phone may very well be tapped.

Use your phone around other electronic devices. If you suspect that there might be a tap on your phone, walk over to a radio or television during your next phone call. Even if there is no audible interference on your phone itself, there is some chance that interference could occur when you stand next to another electronic device, causing static with that device. You should also look for distortion when you are not on actively using the phone.

An active wireless phone signal could disrupt the transmission of data even without additional software or hardware being installed on your phone, but an inactive signal should not. Use a TV with an antenna to check the room for interference. Listen to your phone when not in use. Your phone should be quiet when you are not using it. If you can hear beeping, clicking, or other noises from your phone even when it is not in use, there could be a tapping software or hardware installed.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

In particular, listen for a pulsating static noise. If this occurs, it could suggest that the microphone and speaker are active even when the phone is not in use via a hook switch bypass. Any conversation you have within 20 feet 6 m of the phone might be heard. In the case of a landline, if you can hear a dial tone when your phone is on the hook, this is another sign of a tap. Verify the presence of this noise with an external amplifier.

Pay attention to the temperature of the battery. Of course, a hot battery could just be a sign that it has been overused. This is especially true if your cell phone is already older than one year, since cell batteries tend to decline over time. Note how frequently you need to charge your phone. If the battery life of your phone suddenly drops without reason, prompting you to charge it twice as often, the battery might be dying because of tap software constantly running in the background and eating up power.

You also need to consider how often you have been using your phone. If you have used it a lot lately, the increased need for a good charge is probably just due to the fact that you have used more of its power. This is only applicable if you barely touch your phone or have not used it any more than normal. Also note that a cell battery will lose the ability to stay charged as it gets older.

If this change happens after you have had your phone for a year or more, it could just be the result of an old, overused battery. Try shutting down your phone. If the shutdown process gets delayed or cannot be completed, this strange behavior could indicate that there is someone else controlling your phone through a tap.

Pay close attention to determine if your cell phone takes longer to shut down than usual or if the back light remains on even after you shut it down. While this could be a sign that your cell phone is tapped, it could also just mean that there was a glitch in the hardware or software of your phone that is completely unrelated to a tap. Watch for random activity.

How to Tap a Cell Phone using Cell Phone Tapping App

If your phone lights up, shuts down, starts up, or begins to install an app without you doing anything, there might be someone hacking into your phone and controlling it through a tap. On the other hand, any of this could happen if there is random interference during the transmission of data. Note unusual text messages. If you have recently gotten SMS text messages that consist of randomized strings of letters or numbers from unknown senders, these messages are a major red flag that there is an amateur tap on your phone.

Some programs use SMS texts to send commands to the target cell phone.

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If these programs are installed sloppily, these messages can appear. Pay careful attention to your phone bill. If the cost of your data jumps up and you know you are not responsible for the increase, there might be someone else using your data through a tap. Many spy programs send logs of your phone records to online servers and use your data plan to do so. Older programs used large amounts of data, making them easier to spot, but newer programs are easier to hide because they use less data.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

Check your environment. If you are already suspicious of a tap on your landline, examine your surroundings carefully. If something seems out of place, like a couch or a desk, do not automatically disregard it as a symptom of paranoia. It could be an indication that someone has been snooping around in your space. A wiretapper might move furniture around while trying to access electrical lines or phone lines, which is why this is an important element to note. In particular, look at your wall plates. You should pay special attention to the wall plates around your phone connection inside the room.

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If they seem moved or otherwise disturbed, they may have been tampered with. Take a look at the outside phone box. You might not know what a phone box should look like inside, but even if you only have a slight idea, take a look. If the box seems tampered with or if the contents inside have been disturbed, someone might have been installing a wiretap. If you notice any hardware that seems hastily installed, even if you do not know what it is, you should consider having someone check it out.

Take a good look at the "restricted" side of the box. Simply upgrade to the latest OS version via iTunes which will remove the jailbreak and any external software not from Apple. But make sure to back up any important data on your phone before you do this. Resetting your phone to its factory settings, whether Android or iPhone, will remove any spy software, but again be sure to back up your data such as contacts, photos and music or you will lose them.

If you do take this approach then you will also need a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device in the future. It can be a shock to discover that someone is monitoring you with spy software. Blog Security Center Resources Forum. BullGuard Blog. May 27, by Steve Bell Categories: Privacy. How to tell if your cell phone is being spied on There are several tell-tale signs that suggest your phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored in some way.

Decreased battery capacity Another indication of a bugged cell phone is reduced battery performance. Phone takes a long time to shut down Before a smart phone shuts down it must complete any tasks that are processing. Battery temperature feels warm A further indicator of a possible phone tap is the temperature of your battery. Receiving unusual texts Are you receiving strange text messages containing random numbers, symbols or characters?

Increased data usage Some of the less reliable spy apps use extra data to send the information collected from your phone, so look out for any unexplained increase in your monthly data usage.

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